Honours Project (C++, SFML, Direct3D11)

My Honours project is titled ‘Evaluating the effectiveness of Lindenmayer Systems as a means of procedurally generating cave and resource systems’.

The project involves 2 parts; a 2D concept and a 3D environment.

The 2D concept is a generalized version of the project and is used to more simply demonstrate and create the data and visualizations which will be put in to the 3D environment. It consists of a 2D grid-based terrain and several L-systems of different types which are then composited onto the terrain and the overlapping regions removed, to form caves. The 2D concept will be primarily used for visualizations and prototyping.

The 3D environment is an explorable scene which comprises a terrain with caves, similar to the 2D concept but with higher fidelity and complexity. The terrain is simply 1 ‘chunk’ or a volume of 16000 cubes which the cave generation system is then applied to.

The types of L-Systems used were stochastic and turtle.

Honours Project
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C++, Visual Studio 2012, SFML, Direct3D 11
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