Summit (C#, Unity3D)

In our third year of University we are given the opportunity to work within a multi-disciplined group to create a game for a real client. Our task was to take a board game prototype and create a mobile game version of the board game. Unfortunately the specific details regarding the game are under a non-disclosure agreement but I am still able to display some of the visual art and other aspects of the game.

The team comprised of 2 artists, 1 audio engineer, 1 producer and 3 programmers. Tasks were quickly split among the relevant disciplines and a pipeline was established to get assets to the programmers and into the game. A base prototype was very quickly established and presented to the client in December and development has continued at a steady pace.

One of the particularly interesting and more difficult segments of code was a pathfinding algorithm to find how far the player can move around the board based on how many moves they have remaining. Due the pyramidal nature of the board we could not use a grid-based pathfinding method and so had to come up with a more suitable method. The final solution revolved around numbering each node on the board starting at the top of the pyramid and at 0. Each row then started at 0 and incremented horizontally.

It then therefore made sense that each row could link together numerically i.e. 0 links to 0 and 1, 1 links to 1 and 2 which can be generated by an algorithm.

Any source code can be provided on request but due to before mentioned NDA I cannot make the code publicly available.

Gameplay Programmer
Professional Project
Environments Used
C#, Unity3D
Source Control
Subversion via RiouxSVN and TortoiseSVN