Dynopocalypse (C#, Unity2D)

Google Play Store: http://bit.ly/1FjM7zS
Windows 8.1 Phone: http://bit.ly/1aQ1YNf
Windows Store: http://bit.ly/1H5SKHg

Under the name ‘Dyno Games’, I attended the Moray Gamejam with a team of 5 where we created Dinopocalypse; a simple 2D mobile game for Android devices with a target for release on iOS and Windows mobile along with Android.

I was involved in a significant part of the development and continue to develop the game. My role included meteor behaviour, input handling and streamlining the asset pipeline.

The game involves throwing meteors from the edges of the screen to annihilate the dinosaurs on the planets. There are various objects and interactions in the game which involve various methods of completing the level; i.e. volcanos and obstacles. Difficulty gradually increased as the player advanced by adding more dinosaurs, causing the planet to spin faster and adding satellites around the planet to deflect incoming meteors.

Gameplay Programmer
Environments Used
C#, Unity2D
Source Control
Mercurial via BitBucket and TortoiseHG